The Creator Of ‘Living Single’ Opened Up About The Show’s Impact

The creator of Living Single, Yvette Lee Bowser, recently opened up about the show’s impact and how it was a ‘love letter’ to Black women.

Bowser said about the show’s premiere, “I was actually at a hair appointment. As a Black woman, (that’s) fitting.” She continued, “It was May 10, 1993. I got a phone call telling me that the show was getting picked up for another 12 episodes in addition to the pilot.”

She added, “I called my mother first and then I call my girlfriends. You know that show that I wrote about? It’s actually going to be on TV. I’m not going to just be sitting at home in my robe watching the one episode over and over and over again.”

She continued, “I wanted to create a series that centered on and celebrated women. When you create something that is intended to be a love letter, and you pour love into it over time, what I’ve found is that you continue to get love back over an extended and unexpected period of time.”

Anyone that watched Living Single knew the feeling of how amazing it was to watch successful Black people on television. Watching them go through trials and tribulations and them being real. Browser deserves her flowers and then some for her work.