Lizzo Gives Emotional Grammys Speech, Credits Prince For Inspiring Her & Calls Beyoncé “The Artist Of Our Lives”

“About Damn Time” won Grammy Record of the Year for Lizzo. The artist gave a heartfelt speech about Prince and Beyoncé.

A shocked Lizzo took to the stage and told the audience she didn’t expect to win as she and Adele were just having a good time and “rooting for our friends.”

Lizzo said after Prince died, she dedicated her life to making positive music, something that wasn’t popular at the time in the mainstream.

After thanking her team and fans, she told Beyoncé she had skipped school in the 5th grade to see her perform and said, “You changed my life, you sang that gospel medley and the way you made me feel, I was like, ‘I want to make people feel this way with my music.’ Thank you so much; you clearly are the artist of our lives.”

Lizzo was so excited, her joyful speech amazed fans and the audience.