{WATCH} LL Cool J Drops Details On New Album & Book

“Seeing how people respond to me doing new music after all this time. It’s kind of like the tour,like I hadn’t done a tour in 30 years.” LL Cool J

Check out Sunni And The City as she discusses with the Legend himself, LL COOL J about his love of hip-hop and how his book LL Cool J Presents The Streets Win – 30 Years Of Hip-Hop Greatness came to be.

“It’s it’s one of those books where you know, you’re gonna want that on your coffee table 15 to 20 years from now to be able to reference it because you have some of the most dynamic, I mean, even from like artists like Mary J. Blige,” he explains.

Sunni shares how her love of Hip-Hop helped her be able to speak English when she came to America. “I came to America when I was 13, right, and I didn’t speak any English, and I used to listen to Biggie and Tupac, and I would write down the lyrics and translate, and I remember like that was the moment when II was like, What is this music? This is amazing. And like I fell in love with the storytelling and everything,” she shares.

She asks,” I wanna know, is there a moment in your life when you really were like, oh, my God! This is what I get to do for a living?”

“Well, you know I’ve been a fan of hip hop since the very inception, you know, I heard, you know the very first tapes that floated around New York City.” LL continues, “when Flash and The Furious 4, a lot of those early tapes.”

He adds, “I was in love with it from day one because I never heard guys like me sound so empowered.”

See the entire interview below: