Man Asks For Divorce 24 Hours After Getting Married

An Australian man asked his wife for a divorce just 24 hours after they got married – because she wouldn’t put out on their wedding night. That’s according to the bride, who made the revelation on an Australian radio show.

The woman, who identified herself as “Rachel,” says her wedding day left her pooped and she was too tired to have sex that night – prompting her newlywed husband to make the demand after just 24 hours. “The night of the wedding, we went out, and when we got back to the hotel room, unfortunately, I didn’t give him what he wanted,” Rachel says.

The two had been sexually active prior to getting married, she adds. Although Rachel says her husband’s reaction has left her “miserable,” a number of online commenters are saying she’s lucky to have dodged a major marital bullet. One says, “Men like him deserve to stay single.”

How would you react if your wife refused to have sex with you on your wedding night?