Family Seeking For Help To Find The Person Responsible For Hitting A Young And Leaving Him In Critical Condition

Marcellus Burrell , a new father fighting for his life after a hit and run that’s left in critical condition.

The family of Marcellus Burrell is asking for help from the community to find the driver of a Silver Mercedes that hit him while he was riding his moped on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE on July 19.

Marcellus is currently in critical condition. His father Wayne Burrell said, “He has so much damage to his body–he has broken bones all over his body–there’s no way  that driver even touched the brake.”

“My son is still in critical condition. He has a long fight to go. Hopefully not, but at one time they were saying that his left leg and his left hand may need to be amputated,” his father said. 

The family stays strong for Marcellus, they are also seeking that if anyone has any information about the driver or the car, they are asked to contact the police. “I’m asking anyone, please, if you know who it was that did it, or if you could provide any information to the police officers, please let them know,” Wayne Burrell said.