Michael Jackson’s Mother To Testify In Court In Battle Against His Estate

RadarOnline says Katherine Jackson, 92, will testify in her lawsuit against her son’s estate.  Jackson’s executors, John Branca, and John McClain, allegedly sought the court’s approval of a contract they negotiated, claiming they “have an opportunity which they believe is to the substantial advantage of the estate and in the best interest of the beneficiaries.”

This opportunity hadn’t been announced; however, the sale of half of Jackson’s song collection for $800 million is suspected.  Three months later, the Jackson matriarch opposed the agreement. According to court documents, Michael’s siblings Randy and Rebbie viewed secret agreement details.

Allegedly Katherine’s daughter LaToya Jackson’s ex-fiancée Jefferee Phillips stole over $1 million in property, including handwritten notes, 5 hard drives, 3 silver Mac laptops, two iPods, cassette tapes, and a large black bag with a skull on it. They believe the hard drives could potentially contain unreleased music.

Phillips says,“I have never lied about having the Carolwood Items or otherwise concealed the fact that I kept the Carolwood Items in storage. Jackson’s family members knew I had these items.”

He added, “had the Estate simply asked for the property and not resorted to the premeditated set-up and bullying tactics, I would have called La Toya to inform her that the Estate was requesting the items, and the two of us would have then called her mother. If Ms. Jackson instructed me to give the property back to the Estate, I would have done so.”