Molotov Cocktails Thrown At Cuban Embassy In DC

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez says, “The staff suffered no harm. Details are being worked out. This is the second violent attack against Cuba’s diplomatic mission”

Sunday, US officials opened an investigation after Molotov cocktails were thrown at the Cuban Embassy located on Adams-Morgan.

The building didn’t suffer any significant damage or fire.”The staff suffered no harm,” Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez stated on social.

A Molotov cocktail is a grenade made from a glass bottle containing a flammable substance.

Rodriguez added on X, “in Washington since April 2020. Back then, an individual shot several rounds against the embassy using an assault rifle. The anti-Cuban groups resort to terrorism when feeling they enjoy impunity, something that Cuba has repeatedly warned the US authorities about.”

“Terrorist attack against the Cuban embassy in the United States. The Cuban Embassy staff have not been injured,” in a statement made by the embassy.

No arrest have been made.