Meet The Owners Of Four DMV Dry Cleaners

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with husband and wife entrepreneurs Ishmael and Rochelle Wilson who are owners of Fresh Dry Cleaners. With a combined 40 years of experience in Leadership, Operations, Administration, Education, Law, and Business, the two have been equipped with the tools to teach their community more about career development skills. Fresh Dry Cleaners is the host of the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment that teaches youth basic business skills and allows them to pitch business ideas to successful DMV entrepreneurs by the end of the six-week program.

In our interview, we spoke about their fourth location opening on 10 Florida Avenue NW, how they plan to continue educating the community to seek careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in the dry cleaning industry, and their empowerment gathering titled ” Occupy” happening November 23rd 2019. This event will be for entrepreneurs that are seeking to grow their business and sustain their success.

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