Rapper Plies Raises Thought-Provoking Questions About Donald Trump’s Presidential Eligibility

Florida rapper Plies wonders why Trump can run for president despite facing charges, while an average citizen couldn’t get a fast-food job on bond for RICO charges.  

“How U Can Be Facing 230 Years In Prison & Out On 4 Bonds. An Still Can Run For The Highest Office In The Land The President Of The United States Of America,” he asked. “But Couldn’t Get A Job At @ChickfilA If U Was Facing Them Same Charges!!” 

Authorities and Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis insisted Trump won’t get special treatment. Trump has until the end of the day on Thursday (August 24) to turn himself into Fulton County authorities. 

People left comments adding to the post one person said, “Only in America “the land of the free” literally for some ppl.”

While another added,”S**t how about I had a possession charge 7 years ago and can’t even get a spark driver job delivering food for Walmart.”

It’s clear this question fueled a full-on debate amongst fans. Some in support of Trump said, “It’s called Innocent until proven guilty the charges mean nothing unless he ends up getting sentenced.”

As we all continue to watch how this unfolds, we can only wonder, with all his pending charges, do you think Donald Trump could get a job where you work?