Study: Single Americans Say Dating Is Harder During Pandemic

7 out of 10 Americans say their dating life is not going well as the pandemic enters a third year, according a new Pew Research Center study.

63% of those surveyed say dating is harder during the pandemic and 32% said it is about the same and only 3% said dating has gotten easier.

“For the most part, the pandemic hasn’t changed what single adults are looking for: About six-in-ten single adults (59%) say they are no more or less interested in finding a committed relationship now than they were before the coronavirus outbreak began (an additional 20% say the question doesn’t apply to them),” Pew Research Center says. “The remaining singles are about evenly split between saying it has made them more interested and saying it has made them less interested in finding a committed relationship.”

Although, folks said the pandemic made their love life harder, interestingly enough a majority said that coronavirus vaccination status isn’t important. Nearly 4 in 10 of those surveyed said they would only go out with someone vaccinated.

Additionally, about 3 out of 10 folks who are single and not looking for a relationship say Covid-19 is at least a minor contributing factor as to why.

Data was collected from Feb. 7-13, 2022, just ahead of Valentine’s Day!

There is a plus or minus 1.6 margin of error in the study’s results and the poll was taken.

What do you think? Has coronavirus made your dating life harder, easier, or no change at all?