The White House Report with April Ryan: 2/26 – The South Carolina Debates

Clyburn, the highest ranking African American in Congress, has long been close with Biden and has been open about his affinity for the former vice president during the Democratic primary.

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The White House Report with April Ryan! for Wednesday, February 26th we are talking Democratic Presidential Debate, Jim Clyburn and Trump vs CDC flu pandemic plans. If you missed it, check out the Audio below to hear what April has to say!

House passes bill to make lynching a federal crime in historic vote, click for more details.

Biden wins crucial Jim Clyburn endorsement ahead of South Carolina primary, click for full story.

The South Carolina Debate Was a Festival of White Democrats Pandering to Black Voters, Click for full story

CDC flu pandemic plans hint at the playbook for a new coronavirus outbreak, click for more details.

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