The Wife vs Girlfriend Debate 💍

The women say don’t act like a wife when you’re only a girlfriend. The men say how can you become a wife if you’ve only carried yourself as a girlfriend. I agree with both. Show a person who you are, but not to the point that it’s an unequal, non reciprocated sacrifice only on one person. That’s wack. Honestly, I’m not being biased when I say, it’s usually women who fall in this trap because we are natural nurturers and really want to believe the best exists in the person we love— even when it doesn’t and we should have been chucked the deuces. But I’m sure y’all will have a different opinion… and by “y’all”, I mean the men… so have at it. 😂 It’s the @frankskishow live on @whurfm with @frankski and @peninabrown