Title: Let’s talk about sex… or lack thereof 👀

”Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” cast members Sierra Gates and BK Brasco recently took to social media to announce their engagement.
In an interview with MadameNoire, the couple talked about their relationship and their decision to be celibate for a year. “We love each other like love. A different type of love. We even took sex out of the equation for a whole year,” she said, adding that God told Brasco that He would bless him if he didn’t touch her for a year.

We talked about those celebrity couples who chose celibacy before marriage and it was honest, transparent and hella hilarious. I really do love that @frankski and I can have these convos on the airwaves. It truly helps me “better understand” the psyche of a man lol. Tap in y’all, would y’all choose celibacy for a year if it would mean a better relationship in the long run! Here’s a 3 min clip of our hour long convo! We bring the fire on the @frankskishow on @whurfm! Trust and believe, happy hour starts at 3pm in the DMV. 🍻