Toni Braxton Remembers Her “Massive Heart Attack”

Singer Toni Braxton is opening up to fans about what happened when she suffered a massive heart attack last year.  “I was having this pain in my chest,” said Toni during an interview on Today. “I thought it was because I was so sad. I had just lost one of my sisters.”

She admitted that she’d been putting off going to the doctor, but when she finally got there, she found out she could have had a life-threatening heart attack.  After the incident, Toni received a coronary stent.

The Grammy award winner reflected saying, “It was really a scary moment. Had I not gotten that test, my life would’ve been different,” Braxton acknowledged. “I look at it like it was a blessing in disguise for me because now, putting off tests? Oh no, I will not put off tests. If all I have to do for my lupus and my kidney health is pee in a cup, I can pee in a cup.”