Toni Braxton Mary J. Blige Verzuz “Not A Confirmed Event”

Contributed by Scott Lipscomb
As much as fans would love to see two of the greats in a Verzuz, it won’t be happening soon. After a fan made flyer of Toni Braxton and Mary J. Blige circulated social media for a battle on July 4th, Verzuz confirmed it to be fake.

After a light hearted tweet with Kermit the Frog, Verzuz confirmed the battle not to be scheduled.

While the event isn’t real, don’t be surprised if it does one day take place. Toni Braxton has said in an interview with Missy Elliot for Interview Magazine that she would be open to the idea.

“Yeah, I can’t. I’m like, ‘It would have to be me, Mariah [Carey] or Mary J. [Blige] or something.’ Us girls from the ’90s. But no, I haven’t put it on the register to do it yet. I know they’ve called you, too.”