BREAKING: Memphis Council Approves Police Reforms After Tyre Nichols Death

The Memphis City Council has approved a series of police reforms in the wake of the death of Tyre Nichols earlier this year.

Reforms include a ban on using unmarked police vehicles for routine traffic stops and regular reviews of police training techniques. Other measures include stricter rules governing civilian complaints, audits, and data reporting.

Nichols was fatally beaten by a group of officers after a Jan. 7th traffic stop.  Five former officers are facing second-degree murder charges in connection with his death.

“In the wake of Tyre Nichols’s tragic death, the Justice Department has heard from police chiefs across the country who are assessing the use of specialized units and, where used, appropriate management, oversight and accountability for such units,” Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta said in a statement.

Gupta continued, “The COPS Office guide on specialized units will be a critical resource for law enforcement, mayors and community members committed to effective community policing that respects the dignity of community members and keeps people safe.”