Mathew Knowles Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Mathew Knowles, the father of singers Beyonce and Solange, took to Good Morning America to reveal his breast cancer diagnosis. 

Knowles sat down with Michael Strahan, co-anchor on “Good Morning America,” on Wednesday morning to discuss his diagnosis. He began to notice dots of blood staining his white shirts over a period of time. After brushing it off the first couple days, he realized it was time to go see a doctor. According to “Good Morning America,” Knowles received a smear that was nonconclusive and then decided to get a mammogram that revealed his cancer.

Knowles said, “The first calls I made were to my kids, and my former wife, Tina. My wife, Gena, already knew; she went with me to the exam.”

Knowles has a history of breast cancer running in his family, so it was vital to make his loved ones aware. During the interview, he mentions that his mother’s sister died of breast cancer and his mother sister’s two daughters also died of breast cancer. Unfortunately, he has been surrounded around this disease all of his life and know that his children have a high chance of being affected. 

October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Knowles is specifically urging black men to get tested. The key for Knowles is “early detection.” According to, there will be about 2,670 new cases of invasive breast cancer for men in the United States in 2019. 

Knowles is now focused on leading a healthier lifestyle and doing all that he can to spread awareness.