Gucci And Dapper Dan Launch Changemakers Program For Diversity and Inclusion

Contributed by Nia Seaton

Following the massive blackface controversy, Gucci is taking this MAJOR FAIL and switching to a positive contribution. Gucci and Dapper Dan   teamed up to start a program called Gucci Changemakers.

The Italian fashion brand announced a new global program and scholarship fund that will promote diversity and inclusion with a three step plan. The plan will include the Gucci Changemaker Fund, a scholarship program, and company-wide volunteer initiative.

Gucci Changemakers is a scholarship program helping a more diverse talent pool of students pursue careers in fashion. Each student selected will receive a $20,000 grant toward their education over the course of four years. The fund is a $5 million plan that will invest in community-based programs, particularly those helping communities of color, in cities across the U.S.

Famous American high-fashion designer, Dapper Dan took to social media and posted on Instagram on how “Gucci is in a position to steer the overall industry toward becoming a better, more inclusive one”. He also states “That this does not end with Gucci, it begins with Gucci” Gucci developed their Changemakers Council with a board of advisors, Dapper Dan,, Bethann Hardison, and many more.

While the cause of the Gucci Changemakers Fund was from a sweater resembling blackface last month, it’s appreciated that Gucci launches a program that will steer their motives in the right direction and gives back to the community.