Azriel Clary Seeking Counseling After R. Kelly 

Azriel Clary has officially separated from R. Kelly and is seeking counseling in order to heal from the trauma she’s endured.

Contributed by Amber Cooper 

Azriel Clary, R. Kelly‘s longtime girlfriend, took to Instagram to express how she’s ready for the healing process to begin. After undergoing the alleged abuse and trauma from R. Kelly, Clary has reunited with her family and is ready to take the next steps. 

According to TMZ, Clary said, “I never thought me and victim would ever be in the same sentence because I was too in denial.. but once you realize, you realize.” Sources are now saying that Clary and her family are now seeking professional help to mentally heal. 

On Clary’s personal Twitter page she made a post saying, “I had drive, ambitions and goals before Robert and I have them after. He was NOT the first celebrity I had met, he was just the FIRST to take advantage of me. I’m just smarter now.” 

Last week, Clary and Jocelyn Savage, Kelly’s other girlfriend, had a physical altercation. Savage was arrested and charged with domestic battery. 

Clary is now focused on her music career and is looking forward to releasing new projects.