DC Young Fly Pleads For Stolen Bag With Jacky Oh! Memento To Be Returned

D.C. Young Fly is being extremely kind in requesting that the person who stole his bag return it as soon as possible.

This is because the sentimental value of the items inside the bag is greater than the financial benefit that results from this theft. It would appear that DC had a performance at the Hollywood Improv last night, but he realized that his bag was missing after the concert had ended.

He is under the impression that it was stolen by a thief. D.C. took to social media to share with anyone who knows the whereabouts of the bag to return it to the Hollywood Improv, without repercussions. The bag contained the death certificate of his fiancĂ©e, Jacky Oh!, with whom he had three children and that’s why he needs the bag back as soon as possible.

Jacky, unfortunately, passed in May 2023 from complications of cosmetic surgery. Fans commend D.C. Young Fly for the strength he’s shown in his time of grieving.