‘I Wasn’t Ready To Be Married’: Torrei Hart Explains After Making Sacrifices For Her Ex-Husband Kevin Hart

In a resurfaced interview, Torrei Hart, sat down with Osei the Dark Secret and Claudia Jordan on The Culture Club. She reflected on her marriage with her ex-husband comedian Kevin Hart and her sacrifices for her family. 

She admits to marrying young and sacrificing her career for her ex-husband and children. “I got married young, so I feel like my 20s … I was robbed of my 20s and so I’m kind of living my life reversed,” she explained. “I’m doing a lot of things now that I wish I would have done when I was younger because I sacrificed for my ex-husband then I had kids. I sacrificed for my kids, so now is my time.”

Despite being proposed to twice since her divorce, Torrei doubts she will marry again, focusing on living life for herself now. 

The North Philly comedian explains how her career got better when she demanded that he stop putting her in his jokes. “None of that money is coming to me anymore, [so]stop putting me in the jokes”, she said.

The couple’s blended family seems to have found peace, but Torrei enjoys her independence and newfound opportunities.