Kobe Bryant’s Estate To Receive $400M Following BodyArmor Sale To Coca-Cola

The Bryant Estate will receive an estimated $400 Million after Coca-Cola and Bodyarmor deal.

Contributed by Lauren Taylor

Monday Coca-Cola bought out BodyArmor for $5.6 billion which means that an estimated $400M will go to the estate of the late basketball star Kobe Bryant.

Bryant, who became a shareholder in BodyArmor in 2013, passed away in 2020 in a tragic helicopter crash. His wife inherited control of his estate which Forbes reported being $600 million at the time of his death. He invested $6 million into the BodyArmor company, resulting in the $400 million dollar payout at the time of sale.

The NBA star told Forbes in 2014, “I put my skin in the fame,” after investing millions to join the Board of Directors. The founder of BodyArmor, Mike Repole said, “If it wasn’t for Kobe Bryant’s vision and belief, BODYARMOR would not have been able to achieve the success we had. I couldn’t be more excited to become part of the Coca-Cola family and set our sights on the future,” in a press release.

His share in BodyArmor was only a small part of his business savvy, Bryant continued to show his knowledge after retiring from the NBA in 2016. He invested in multiple companies and created multiple streams of income.

The acquisition for BodyArmor has been in the works since earlier this year.