Patti LaBelle Throws Mic Stand-Off Stage During Recent Performance

At her latest concert over the weekend in California, Patti LaBelle did more than just sing.

On Saturday, August 19, the iconic Godmother of Soul, famed for taking off her shoes and rolling about on stage, gave a performance at San Diego’s The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park. 

A concertgoer there recorded a video of LaBelle performing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” while dressed entirely in white. A section of the crowd cheered her theatrical performances as she flung the microphone stand off the platform and away from the spectators.

The Neighborhood Talk posted the clip, with people commenting on this video and saying, “Somebody said ‘Cardi LaBelle’ and I’m SCREAMING.” Another added, “She seen how y’all been acting up at concerts lately and wanted y’all to know she ain’t the one.”

One person mentioned, “This is her staple… she been doing this and she throws it to the side of her stage and not towards any people for you slow people in the back.”