Rick Ross Claims Drake Got Nose Job, Drake Says Ross Is On Weight Loss Drugs, & Jadakiss Says We Need Rap Beef

Rick Ross has accused Drake of undergoing plastic surgery on his nose and challenged him to respond in a diss track. 

The former friends turned foes have exchanged personal insults and diss tracks in their ongoing feud. Ross posted photos on Instagram claiming Drake’s nose had shrunk and dared him to reply. 

Drake jokingly responded to the accusations by sharing a text conversation with his mom where he claims Ross is on weight loss drugs, while Ross continued to taunt him for allegedly getting plastic surgery. The hip-hop feud is heating up with Rick Ross entering the battle.

This all comes after back and forth of Kendrick Lamarr responding to Drake and J.Cole. Then Cole disses Lamarr, and apologizes.

Recently, Jadakiss weighed in on J. Cole’s apology to Kendrick Lamar and wants to ask him what happened to make him want to issue an apology.

Jadakiss said, “When I woke up, and seen Cole’s response at Dreamville, I was kinda distraught. I was confused because he’s one of the nicest right now. He always stands on that. He always says what he’ll do, everybody wanted it.”

He continued, “I don’t know what happened with his spirits or what happened. But, I think Drake is going to come back and say something.”

He added, “We need this [rap beefs].”