Drake Allegedly Paid Kendrick Lamar Associate $150K For Information On Kendrick’s Fiance

Recently, an associate of Kendrick Lamar is claiming that Drake allegedly paid him $150,000 for dirt on Kendrick Lamar and his fiance.

Coolee Bravo said, “[Drake] sent some ni**as to Atlanta, not knowing—See, this is why I say Kendrick f**ked him up bad. He tried to come down here and get some information on Kendrick. I can’t get no information on Kendrick because I’m only tied to his friend named L.”

He continued, “So they come to me and they try to give one of my little homies $100,000. I say, ‘What they asking for?’ and they say, ‘They wanna know something about Kendrick. What do you know about Whitney and all that sh*t?’ [I said to myself] ‘Whitney is [in New York] with [Kendrick],’ but mind you, that’s a bombshell—they don’t know that. Drake talking all that sh*t about, ‘Why you live in New York?’ I said, ‘Ohhhh, they stupid.’ So, I said, ‘Take the money; I’m a tell them a lie.'”