Drake Donates $1 Million To Lebron James Foundation

By Brooks Welch

On Wednesday, after a betting event with Stake, an online casino, ‘God’s Plan’ rapper Drake donated $1 million in bitcoin to the Lebron James Family Foundation.

“This man ask me a very important question, which is what actually makes you feel rich in the soul at this level. I’ve been trying to figure out what I could do for obviously this moment. So, I’m going to myself and Eddie from Stake, we’re going to dedicate a million dollars to the I Promise School,” said Drake in a video posted on his Instagram.

The I Promise School was founded by Lebron James in 2018 in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

Through the LeBron James Family Foundation, the I PROMISE program “provides year-round resources, access to opportunities, supportive skill development, constant encouragement to inner-city students and families,” according to Black Enterprise.

The rapper’s generosity didn’t stop there. In collaboration with both Stake and LeBron James, Drake surprised a student-athlete from Toronto and his mother with $100,000.

“I respect your hard work a lot but I respect work your hard work more. On behalf of me and my brother at Stake, we wanted to give you this. It’s $100,000 and hopefully, it just makes this journey just a little easier,” Drake said to the student-athlete and his mother.

Drake has a track record for being publicly philanthropic. In 2018, the megastar was depicted performing various charitable acts in his music video for “God’s Plan,” that including paying for college tuitions and grocery bills for an entire store.