Drake and Lizzo Showed Up For Taping Of Adele’s TV Special With Oprah

Unless you’ve been under a rock you know Adele is back and has dropped her single, “Easy On Me,” and now the singer is getting ready for a star-studded television special and interview with Oprah.

The singer was recently doing an interview with a British radio show when she was asked if she ever let other celebrities give her advice on her music.

Adele revealed that she had played music for Drake last year but she doesn’t send it to various people. “That’s it….just Drake,” she said.

Drake gave her the thumbs up, posting on social media, “One of my best friends in the world just dropped a single… WOIIIIIII.”

Adele’s television special will air on November 14th on CBS and comes days before the release of her album “30” on November 19th. Lizzo, Kris Jenner, Gordon Ramsey, and Ellen DeGeneres were among the 300 people who attended the live taping.

Who is the person that you seek approval from?