‘I Need A Hug Too’: Lizzo Hugs Crying Fan In Crowd At Milan Show

During her tour, Lizzo hugged a teary-eyed fan at her show in Milan.

The musician was playing in the Italian city on Thursday night (March 2) when she saw a fan holding up a sign that said, “Can I get a hug?”

The 34-year-old singer sang her song Special while looking for someone who needed to “hear that message.”

“In case nobody told you today. You’re special. In case nobody made you believe (oh-oh) You’re special. Well, I will always love you the same. You’re special. I’m so glad that you’re still with us. Broken, but damn, you’re still perfect,” the lyrics of the song Special.


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Lizzo shared the video of her hugging a fan with the caption, “Last night while singing ‘Special’ I felt like someone in the crowd really needed to hear that message.” She continued: “Then later in the show I saw a sign that said ‘can I have a hug?’ and I knew exactly who that message was for. Thank you Milan.”