Bat Those Fabulous Lashes With Confidence

“Take your twerking and get out of my restaurant!”

It was hard NOT to talk about the video that went viral of the frustrated restaurant owner who told a group of women to take their business elsewhere, if they don’t stop twerking on his tables and chairs. He insisted that their behavior was disrespectful to themselves, as well as to the other patrons. Which begged the question, was he over reacting? Or, was he right to insist that people act more respectable in his establishment? Of course, we all chimed in with our opinions.

Celebrity MUA Derrick Rutledge joined the conversation with beauty tips for the holidays. He came ready with his gorgeous, new, brand of luxurious lashes. Then, he gave us a complete tutorial on how to properly apply, remove, and care for our luxurious false lashes. He literally applied them to his eye and walked us through the process. We all learned something new.