Live Serenade by Maysa’s “Soft Words”

Every recording artist should own their own masters.

What a night with Grammy nominated, Soul Train Award winner, Jazz and R&B singer, Maysa!

We reminisced and shared stories about the growing up watching the movies of the legendary Cicely Tyson. May she rest in peace. We then talked about everything Maysa! She’s got a lot to be excited about. The Baltimore native is celebrating 30 years as a recording artist, and 26 years as a solo artist. She was fortunate, and talented enough to land a gig with Stevie Wonder right after graduating from Morgan State University. She then became the lead vocalist for the British Acid Jazz band, Incognito, in the early 90’s.

Now, she is proud to say that she finally has her own record label, Blue Velvet Soul Records. She said she FINALLY owns her own masters. To let us really know what the new music is about, Maysa serenaded all of us… right there on the spot! Oh My Goodness! Can we fall anymore in love with her? As if that wasn’t enough, she followed it up with singing one of my all time favorites. Deep Waters!

Thank you Maysa! For taking us all on your beautiful musical journey!