5 Acts of Kindness To Restore Your Hope In Humanity (Including Kevin Hart)

By Brooks Welch

April 6th is the National Day of Hope. The annual holiday is held on the first Wednesday of the month every year. According to National Today, it is a day of inspiration and motivation for everyone to wake up to the need to rescue children and adults who are passing through phases of abuse of different kinds, sicknesses, and traumatic experiences.

In these videos below, you’ll see families, children, and young people being kind to one another. Take some time out of your day for a boost of hope.

1. Kevin Hart and Kelly Clarkson surprise a single Dad with $100,000

2. A local group of young skaters celebrate an autistic boy’s birthday

3. A school rallies around a bus driver to provide him with a new car and bonus!

4. A touching surprise for a widowed mom of four children from FOX5

5. A high school where no student eats alone at lunch