Growing Eyelash Extension Industry Breeds More Cases Of Mites

Contributed by Rebecca Johnson

Doctors have noted a rise in cases of eyelash mites which can be linked to the growing popularity eyelash extensions. People are forgoing properly washing their eyes and eyelashes to preserve their extensions.

“This is due to the fact that a lot of people who get extensions are afraid to wash their eyes and eyelashes due to the fact that they may damage the extensions which are costly and time consuming. As a result of not washing, this area becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other parasites such as the Demodex,” optometrist Dr. Sairah Malik said in

According to Consumer Health Digest, an eyelash mite is found in the follicles of your face. They are mostly found in the nose and cheek area, but especially in the eyelash area. Usually, the mites are harmless and most people do not notice when they have them.

Some studies claim that mites’ presence can be beneficial since they remove dirt and oil from our follicles. But, too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing. When there are too many mites, people develop Demodex, where their eyelash area becomes irritated, infected and inflamed.

According to Dr. Malik, eyelashes act like a “sponge” for bacteria buildup, making it a prime home for mites to thrive.

If you suspect that you could have developed this, go see a doctor immediately to be diagnosed and to receive a prescribed treatment.

Retailers such as Target, sell over the counter treatments for Demodex and healthline reccommends cleaning your eyelashes with  50 percent diluted tea tree oil once a week.