Red Table Talk Discusses “What Men Really Think About Love”

Contributed by Taylor Ardrey

On the latest Red Table Talk titled, “What Men Really Think About Love,” award-winning rapper Wale and Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni joined the ladies to have a open dialogue about what men go through in the search for love.

Wale opened up about his struggle with getting into a relationship growing up as a rapper in the music industry and how being in the industry exposed him to the complexities of maintaining a healthy relationship as a celebrity.

” I got famous young in D.C and I seen how women were acting around me and I think it shaped how I view women moving forward,” said Wale. You got to understand that you are talking to a rapper. All I see is promiscuous behavior… I fell head over heels for somebody in this industry and I can see how vicious it could be and how gutted I was. I was never really the same.”

Justin Baldoni explained how he had to do some soul searching before he meant his wife. When they eventually came together figuring out how they fit into each other’s lives was not an easy process.

“It was not easy. The dating process was at times painfully horrific. My wife and I we went deep; it was uncomfortable, we realized we wanted different things at times, we weren’t sure that if we were spiritually aligned, we were from totally different countries”, said Baldoni.

Baldoni opened up about the ups and downs of his marriage and how he had to put work into himself in order to be ready to settle down with his wife.

“But I jumped in and said this is me. These are my flaws, these are my insecurities. This is all of the things that are wrong with me. And she wanted to walk away and I kept chasing her. There was a balance. She needed space. I didn’t understand what space meant which because we worked through it ended up being the foundation of a beautiful healthy marriage,” he added

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