3 DC Police Officers Shot

Update – Washington, D.C. (Wednesday, February 14, 2024) – Three DC police officers were shot this morning serving a warrant in partnership with the Humane Rescue Alliance. The person was wanted on charges of cruelty to animals. As police approached the home in the 5000 block of Hanna Place, SE, a gunman opened fire striking three officers.

“A barricade has been declared in this situation. This remains an active situation and the individual has continued to fire from that location. We are asking everyone to please stay out of this location until we are able to apprehend the suspect,” said Police Chief Pamela Smith. Smith arrived on the scene to update the public on the shooting two hours after the violence began.

The inured officers were taken to Washington Hospital Center. They are expected to survive. A 4th officer was also injured. But not shot. Police have not released the names of the officers or the name of the suspect.

Asked whether crime is out of control in DC, Chief Smith gave this response. “I won’t say DC crime is out of control. I think we have a group of individuals who do not respect law enforcement and authority. Our officers again were where they were supposed to be doing exactly what we need them to do and we will continue to do that.” This is a developing story.