Google Launches ‘Multisearch’ Feature To Search By Text and Images

By Brooks Welch

Google has announced its “multisearch” feature that allows users to search using text and images at the same time via Google Lens, the company’s image recognition technology.

According to TechCrunch, Google first teased the functionality last September at its Search On event and said it would be launching the feature in the coming months after testing and evaluation. Starting today, the new multisearch functionality is available as a beta feature in English in the United States.

With this feature, you could search for a shirt similar to one in a photo but type that you want it with “polka dots,” or take a picture of your couch and type “chair” to find ones that look similar, CNN explains.

As detailed by Tom’s Guide, you can use Google’s multisearch feature in two simple steps.

1. From the Google app, tap the Google Lens button. From there you can either search for a screenshot on your camera roll or snap a photo.

2. The Google app will list search results. Swipe up and tap the “+ Add to your search button,” typing in your search query. You’ll get a page of results based on your search term and photo.

The outlet also shared the insight that, while Google is promoting multisearch as an e-commerce tool at the moment, multisearch can expand to other areas like cleaning tips, first-aid guidance and other how-to suggestions.