Milkshakes From Burger Joint Kills Three People Hospitalized

(Tacoma, Washington)- Frugals Burger is located in Tacoma, Washington, It is the restaurant that is linked to the hospitalization of six people, three died due to a listeria outbreak from a poorly cleaned ice cream machine.

According to The Food And Drug Administration listeria is a bacteria that can be found in moist environments, soil, water, decaying vegetation, and animals, and can survive and even grow under refrigeration and other food preservation measures. When people eat food contaminated with L. monocytogenes, they may develop a disease called listeriosis.

The restaurant made a statement Saturday addressing the Health Department investigation,” Today, we were deeply saddened to learn the Washington State Department of Health is reporting six people were
hospitalized with foodborne listeriosis and three people later died. We are heartbroken and deeply regret any harm our actions could have caused.”

“As a family-owned business for over 30 years, the trust of our customers is paramount,” the statement reads. “We will continue to fully cooperate with this investigation, and we are committed to making any changes deemed necessary to maintain our high standard of operations and prevent this from happening again.”

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