Metro Is Looking To Pay Low-Income Residents To Use Them

Metro is looking at a possible proposal to pay some low-income residents to use Metro. It’s apart of an effort to create more equity on the transit system. The study will help to determine if more low-income riders will choose to use Metro if the cost is covered.

The District Department of Transportation, Metro and the Lab at DC are working together on this pilot research study. As it stands right now about 48% of low-income riders use Metrobus. Only 18% use rail. There is a considerable cost difference between the two with Metrorail being more.

Mayor Muriel Bowser believes innovative initiatives and investments can make public transportation an option for all DC residents. Bowser says “A strong, sustainable and reliable public transit system keeps our city growing and thriving”. The outcome of the study will help leaders figure out the best ways to give all Washingtonians a fair shot.

The study will be for six to nine months and up to 2,500 randomly selected adult participants will take part. Some will be given free unlimited trips, some will be given discounted trip cars and others will not be given any special concessions to use Metrobus or rail. The purpose, to see how and if it affects ridership among low-income residents. A final vote on the plan is due before Metro’s Board this Thursday. It is expected to be approved.

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