News Developments In Breonna Taylor Case

(Tuesday, September 2, 2020) –  Several new revelations today in the Breonna Taylor case.   Her boyfriend is suing Louisville police and city officials over criminal charges filed against him. The suit argues Kenny Walker, a legal gun owner,  is protected by stand your ground laws and should not face charges for firing at police during that no-knock raid last March that left Taylor dead.

Walker “has already sustained life-long trauma, still fears harm from those who consider him a danger and seek to take away his freedom again,” according to a complaint filed by his lawyer, Steve Romines.  “Although Breonna’s life tragically ended that morning, Kenny’s nightmare had just begun.”

Meantime in another twist, Taylor’s family is accusing prosecutors of trying to smear her good name. This after it was revealed that prosecutors tried to get Taylor’s ex-boyfriend to label her a criminal in a recent plea deal over a month after her death.  The attorney representing Taylor’s family says prosecutors offered Jamarcus Glover a plea deal to say Breaonna was involved in organized crime.  Glover is facing multiple drug-related charges.

Taylor was killed when three plainclothers Louisville Metro Police Department officers in plainclothes burst into her home to executive a search warrant in a drug case back on March 13th at 1:30am.  Walker thought they were intruders and opened fire on the officers, injuring one in the leg.  The officers fired a hail of bullets killing Taylor.

One officer was fired.  None has been charged despite months of protests.