Nicki Minaj Put Under Arrest On LIVE In Amsterdam

Nicki Minaj took to her Instagram Live on Saturday (May 25) to detail Amsterdam police arresting her for carrying marijuana. 

Nicki says pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes were found in bags that she says were illegally taken. Nicki says the security admitted the pre-rolls were someone else’s, but they wanted her to get into a van to go to the police precinct to “give a statement without a lawyer present.” 

After going back and forth with the Amsterdam police, Nicki is seen reluctantly getting into the police van and it’s presumed she was transported to the station.  In the video, the police state that they will help Nicki get to her next show, signaling that she will be booked and released quickly.

Fans poor out with their support on social. One fan posted, “When your celebrity status can’t trump your color.”

Another fan in shock, “The craziest news to wake up to. Amsterdam, get it together & fast! This arrest was so uncalled for. #FreeNicki

Apparently, Barbz took to the street in Amsterdam to scream their outpour at the Stadium at Nicki Minaj’s sold-out tour chanting FREE NICKI.

It’s been reported that the Pink Friday rapper has been released but was fined.