Pelosi And Trump Feud

Tensions rose between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Trump today.

(Washington, DC) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Trump treated the State of the Union address like a reality TV show. Talking to reporters at the Capitol, Pelosi said Trump’s speech was riddled with falsehoods and had no connection to reality. She argued that Trump’s claim of inheriting a mess was wrong. Pelosi insisted that Trump inherited a strong and growing economy from President Obama. Pelosi ripped up Trump’s speech when he was finished on Tuesday night. She said the address was “beneath the dignity of the White House.”¬†Pelosi also slammed Republicans who chanted “Four more years!” She called it totally inappropriate and said it was a serious breach of congressional decorum.¬† At the National Prayer breakfast the President also criticized Mitt Romney, not by name, using faith to do something that was wrong.