Supreme Court Agrees To Take Up DC Sniper Case, Hamden School Worker Quits After Racist Tirade

Supreme Court Agrees To Take Up DC Sniper Case

(Washington, DC) — The Supreme Court will consider whether one of two snipers who killed ten people in a series of shootings in the DC area in 2002 deserves new sentencing. The justices will review a decision by a lower court that ruled Lee Boyd Malvo must be re-sentenced because he was only 17 when the crimes were committed. A 2012 Supreme Court decision said people who commit crimes before turning 18 can’t be given a mandatory life-without-parole sentence. Virginia is appealing the ruling. Malvo received four sentences of life without parole in Virginia and six life sentences in Maryland. The other killer, John Allen Muhammad, was executed in Virginia in 2009.

Supreme Court Hears From Virginia GOP Today

(Washington, DC) — The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear an appeal from the Virginia GOP over a state House map ruling today. A lower court ruled last year that lines for eleven districts are unconstitutional due to racial gerrymandering. Republicans want that decision overturned. They also don’t agree with a court-drawn map that was created after the lower court’s ruling.

Hamden School Worker Quits After Tirade

(East Haven, CT) — A Hamden schools employee is resigning her position after she allegedly hurled racial slurs at an East Haven supermarket worker. Corinne Terrone was also depicted spitting at the black male worker after making several racial slurs. The incident happened Friday at the Shop Rite supermarket, apparently in front of Terrone’s children. Hamden school officials say Terrone resigned after being confronted about the incident.