Turning those Fitness Resolutions Into Results

We all make a pledge to ourselves every year to do better. The Number 1 New Year’s Resolution focuses on our health. Whether it’s eating better, exercising more, or losing weight; more than 80% of Americans will abandon their resolution by February. Fitness experts Arminta Crosby and Ben Rice are offering up some tips to help keep you on track.

Washington, D.C. (Tuesday, January 2, 2018) – It’s a New Year and that means many of us have probably made a few promises to ourselves to do better with our health. Whether it’s eating better, exercising more, or losing weight; those resolutions usually top our lists yearly. But how do you make such promises and keep them beyond the first week of 2019?     Our fitness experts say it’s all about setting realistic goals and even if you fall off, get right back on your routine.  Keep going until you develop a habit of being your best healthy you.


Arminta Crosby-Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach                Instagram @getmintfit

About:  Arminta is an IFA Certified Personal Trainer, an TFX Certified Trainer and a Group Exercise Instructor. A personal Trainer for over 10 years with clients in through out DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Utilizing a new fitness phenomena, over the past 4 years Arminta has provided Pole and Chair Dance Instruction. Driven by health and fitness not only for herself but her clients and Motivated by competition, Arminta competes on the Football field in the Lady Football League as a member of the Baltimore Charm. She is a model for AVID Photography. A fitness spokesperson making appearances and demonstrations around the country speaking on fitness training techniques including Pole and Chair Dancing. Entering Pole Competitions around the country also hones her skills, allows her to challenge her own fitness levels and grants her more techniques to share with her classes at Pretty Lady Pole Fit Studio.  @getmintfit@gmail.com

Ben Rice-Personal Trainer & Bootcamp Instructor   Instagram  @benstylesevents

About:  Ben is an AMFPT Certified Personal Trainer and CPR/AED/First AID certified with 10 years personal training, Fitness Boot Camp instructor. My ares of expertise include weight loss, toning & shaping, group training, beginners, strength, stability, plyometric, and resistance training.  My personal approach to training is addressing emotional issues behind the unhealthy lifestyle, personal barriers, balanced nutrition.  I know these issues first hand.  Once in my life,  I weighed over 285+ pounds. Thirteen years ago, I made a decision to change my life. I took the weight off with a combination of healthy diet and regular exercise. As I learned more about health and fitness, I discovered how much I enjoyed exercising. Currently I am a Police Officer in the Nation’s Capital region and Owner of RPR Fitness, a personal training and fitness boot camp company.  www.tylersbodymakeover.com