The Rudest Things You Can Do In A Group Fitness Class

As we pull into the gyms to meet our New Year’s resolutions, some are new to the environment of going to fitness classes and some of us just haven’t been for a while. It’s best that we step into the gym with our best foot forward.

According to HuffPost, group fitness classes can be great for your health and your social skills. However, some things are considered to be rude in a group fitness class. The question was recently asked by fitness experts about the rudest things you can do in these classes.

These faux pas include:

Arriving late

Talking with friends during class

Hogging the water station

Keeping your phone on

Saving spots for friends arriving late

Using too much of the instructor’s time

Not being mindful of your space

Wearing what could be considered offensive to others

Ignoring the instructor’s movement

Not wiping down equipment

Not being supportive of others