Virginia Black Caucus Willing To Meet With Governor Northam, Another Partial Govt Shutdown Could Happen At Week’s End

Virginia Black Caucus Willing To Meet With Governor Northam

(Richmond, VA) — The chairman of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus is signaling a willingness to work with Gov. Ralph Northam on issues important to African-Americans.  Del. Lamont Bagby said Monday that he plans to meet with the Democratic governor at a future date to lay out priorities important to black lawmakers, particularly on education and housing.  The black caucus has not withdrawn its calls for Northam to resign after the revelation of a racist photo in his medical school yearbook.  Northam has said he won’t step down but wants to spend his remaining three years in office combatting entrenched racial inequalities.  Bagby says it’s too soon to say whether the black caucus will ever soften its stance that Northam should resign.

Another Partial Govt Shutdown Could Happen At Week’s End

(Washington, DC) — Another partial government shutdown may be around the corner as a quarter of the federal government will be out of funding again by Friday. Republican and Democratic budget negotiators are at a standstill over immigration enforcement and border security funding. President Trump is still demanding nearly six-billion-dollars to build a massive border wall, but Democrats will not budge. Trump tweeted today accusing Dems of wanting to “detain, or send back, criminal aliens!” He called it crazy.

Kamala Harris Admits To Smoking Pot

(New York, NY) — California Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris is making an admission. The Democrat was on a New York based radio show this morning and admitted to smoking pot “a long time ago,” adding “yes, I did inhale.” She went on to tell the host that she believes weed should be legal because it brings a lot of people joy and she says we need more joy in the world. Harris sidestepped a question about weather or not she would smoke if marijuana was made legal.