Virginia Officials Issue Warning As Wildfire Season Approaches

Wildfire season has begun in Virginia. Residents are advised to take extra precautions to prevent tragedy.

Contributed by Jordyn Fields

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced that wildfire season has begun in the state and will last through November 30.

Virginia’s dry weather conditions, high temperatures and low rainfall this year put it at an increased risk for wildfire. Fires are also at risk to spread faster and be more difficult to contain says the Virginia Department of Forestry. 

The Department of Forestry also states that most wildfires in Virginia are caused by human activity. Residents should take extra precautions to prevent the spread of fires, including:

  • Check the weather conditions before you start to burn
  • Have a water source at the ready
  • Have tools like a shovel or rake on hand
  • Keep the burn pile small
  • Clear the burn spot and surrounding areas down to mineral soil

Some places have initiated burn bans. Virginia residents should check with their local law enforcement before having an outdoor fire.