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Brian McKnight Jr., Rips into His Father and Fans

“When it comes to my father. The proof is in the pudding,” McKnight Jr. wrote. “If there are still people out there wasting their breath putting us down for speaking our truth, challenge them to question how they think they know our father better than us? Lol you know his body of work; we came from his actual nuts.”

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Brian McKnight Reconnects with Boyz II Men, Sings ‘Nobody’

He said he now has the rare opportunity to rest, work on music, and reconnect with his friends in the group Boyz II Men.

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Howard Homecoming, Cedric The Entertainer, Brian McKnight and More

There’s plenty to do and see, it’s an action-packed weekend here in the DMV

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Brian McKnight Gives Fans Love Album They’ve Been Waiting On

“It’s 60 minutes of love-making music,” the crooner said, with a smile, about the new release. “I don’t know what anybody else’s situation is, you might just need 7 minutes or 12 minutes or 20 minutes, but I’m giving you 60 so that you can just press play and let it flow, let it happen.”

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