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Douglas MacArthur 5th Graders Explain How Kindness Really Works

“If someone drops something, you have to help them to pick it up. That’s how you show kindness,’ said 10-year-old Andre’. He was one of nearly 90 students at the school who submitted a video to WHUR showing how his class goes about their way daily rendering acts of kindness.

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Tulip Grove Students Are Winners Of WHUR Kindness Challenge, Headed To Kings Dominion

The winners received tickets to Kings Dominion, complete with parking passes, lunch, and fast passes to avoid long lines at the amusement park. The teachers received WHUR t-shirts, wristbands, and other goodies.

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What Is Kindness? DMV 5th Graders Respond…

“We believe the youth in our community are a powerful voice for change. That’s why we put the challenge to them to come up with practical ways to help us be a kinder and nicer community,” said WHUR General Manager Sean Plater.

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