HU Senior And Obama Mentee Gives Back To Minority Students In Need

HU Senior And Obama White House Mentee Gives Back To Minority Students In Need…

Today we talked to Jerron Hawkins a graduating senior at Howard University, Obama White House mentee and the founder of Reach Foundation, Inc. The Washington, DC native who is on a mission to disrupt negative cycles and establish a productive and uplifting culture for collegiate minorities. He accomplishes this by providing scholarships, facilitating mentorship, and highlighting the impact that minority college students have on college campuses and in communities around the world through Reach.

Reach Foundation, Inc. was founded on September 8th, 2018, and incorporated on January 24th, 2019. Reach has four primary divisions; Education, Mentorship, Health & Wellness, and Scholarships & Awards.Jerron says; “since my Freshman year I’ve gotten refund checks and have not had the burden of paying for school out of pocket. A few of my close friends at the time were struggling with paying for school and this was my freshman year. At that point I said that I was going to give some money away, and time passed and finally over the summer of 2018, I sat down in the ILAB at Howard University and wrote the application for what just supposed to be a one-time scholarship, “Reach Scholarship”. But God had so much more instead”.

Since Reach’s inception, Reach has established an annual book giveaway, provided 3 scholarships, and most recently established a seven-year partnership with “BuildOn” where we they will build a school in a different country every year for seven years, starting with Senegal this may. If you would like to give or make pledge towards this effort please

Name: Jerron Hawkins
Title: Founder & CEO, Reach Foundation Inc. and Obama White House Mentee
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