Ari Lennox Celebrates Huge Milestone In Sobriety

Ari Lennox is finishing off 2023 with a huge bang by celebrating one year of being sober, which she is extremely excited about.

Ari said, “You see, drinking was my ritual to combat my immense fear of flying. ‘Just alcohol’ could’ve killed me. I had many guardian angels watching over me that day. Thank God there was nobody filming (I pray and hope [crying emoji, side-eye emoji]) it was pretty divine.”

She continued, “I decided December 18th 2022, would be the day I got clean. You know what I realized after 1 year of many sober flights? I never needed alcohol to get through the flight. I thought I needed alcohol to escape my reality and to cope. I needed an excuse to drink and not feel the pain of everyday life and trauma. It was my numbing vacation to avoid my purpose and my truth.”

She added, “Thank you to my fans. I love when yall share with me your sober dreams and fetes. It makes me so emotional. I’m so proud of you and I love you all so much. We can do this.”