Ari Lennox Celebrates Her Sobriety: “7 Months Sober. That’s A Lot Of Sober Flights”

Ari Lennox recently talked openly about her previous alcohol abuse issues.

The R&B singer posted an honest message to her Instagram followers on Tuesday (July 25), celebrating seven months sober.

Ari said about her sober journey, “That’s a lot of sober flights. A lot of sober conversations. A lot of facing things raw and head on. Can’t imagine going back to how things were.” She added, “Passing out in the airport or having my emotions more heightened than needed.” She continued, “Sobriety is a very present experience.”

The Shea Butter Baby singer admits, “Don’t know if sobriety is forever or not, but I can’t imagine going back to how things were.”

“More stable. More happy. More alert. More safe. More accepting of things I can’t control and more responsible with things I can. I have less anxiety socially and when I’m ready to go, I go. I recognize my threshold with things and implement boundaries,” Lennox continued.

Her heartfelt message was a powerful and transparent. She finishes with, “But there’s the moment the liquor stops numbing and you’re chasing that feeling to no avail and you wake to see the problems of life still there ❤️ so anyway anybody out there also sober? What have you learned on your journey? Love you all so much.”